About us

   Mauro Mahjoub, who created Mauro’s Negroni Club, leads the Bar scene more than 25 years long and is today one of the most popular Bartenders in the World, giving Seminars (as a Bar Historian), judging Competitions (including IBA World Championship), organising his own Competition Liquid Art together with Campari Deutschland. Campari Brand Ambassador, he successfully leads Campari Academy in Munich, hosting every year lots of barpeople from whole Germany.
Since 1998 he owned his Negroni Bar, but in 2009 was born his new creation, Mauro’s Negroni Club — in Haidhausen, Munich. The Bar with warm atmosphere has dark wood walls with paintings of Camillo Negroni and Bar Scenes, drawn by his father, who is an artist. Behind the glass you can see old shakers, bottles and other bartools. Of course, accompanied with delicious Drinks and Cuisine. Mauro created Negroni Categorie since years and nowadays you can see — and of course enjoy — more than 15 Negroni Cocktail Variations in MNC Menu. Every Classic Negroni is represented on Negroni Counter.
Negroni Club is divided in two Rooms, so we have not only a main big Bar, but also a little one behind, which is almost 100 years old, restored and brought from France special for us and our Guest Bartenders.
We are opened for Events, Parties and Bar Seminars for our guests. If you want to organise a Party or participate in Bar Seminar — let us know! — write an email on info@maurosnegroniclub.de.
At the Bar you can buy a Coupon as a present for your Friend.